Your projects on the move! Whether it’s dance, filmmaking, theatre, photography or music; for a study trip, team buildung or as showroom—we provide you with a new experience of creative working on the go.

After completion institutions, project initiatives or any type of self-employed creative workers may rent cartouche—the extended «mobile studio»—to realise projects on the way or on a specific site.

Support us to put cartouche into reality!


We're converting an old Swiss post bus into a mobile studio for creative professionals! That way, cartouche combines creative working and mobility in a truly unique way. The vehicle offers an environment that allows creative professionals to work, sleep and to be catered for. Materials, artefacts or tools can be easily stored inside of the studio bus. For a group of up to 8 professionals, this is the basis for pursuing their creative occupation.

Artists and designers may put ideas into reality, thinker induce a discours, social workers analyse a peer group—a variety of different intellectual tasks is conceivable. The variety evolves from the different options available.

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There might be some questions open for English speaking visitors: feel free to contact us by email or browse through the German page sticking to images.

We will offer rentals and workshops starting in autumn 2017.